How Can Media Asset Management Enhance Your Video-First Business?

The Complete Guide to the Modern MAM Platform


Media Asset Management platform’s have come along way since the age of text, radio, and the occasional TV ad. Today’s businesses behave more like media companies; producing thousands of pieces of content a year across dozens of digital channels and departments. 

The need for a Media Asset Management platform that majorly improves video workflow is immense for businesses in today's video-first world.

A good MAM platform allows you to store, organize, retrieve, collaborate, and track media files without any hassle. A great MAM platform will do all this and more for your video workflow.

Does This Sound Like You?

1. You’re sick of spending an hour trying to find that one crucial video in your media library.

84% of businesses report that finding assets is the biggest challenge they have when working with digital assets.

2. Collaborating with team and clients on various video projects is a murderous task; hard to keep track of reviews, feedbacks, comments and various video stages.

71% of businesses have difficulty providing employees with access to assets within the organization, reducing collaboration between departments.

3. You’d kill to replace dull and error-prone manual workflow with automated workflow.

On average, employees spend 1 out of every 10 working days on file management.

An IDC survey found that the time spent searching for information averages 8.8 hours per week at a cost of $14,209 per worker per year.

4. Digital distribution of all media assets takes way too much time.

A survey of marketing executives revealed that 49% felt they lacked the staff to manage assets.

...Then you’re in desperate need of a video-first Media Asset Management platform.

Benefits of a Video-First MAM Workflow:

1. Collaboration - Everyone is on the same page and working together in real-time

Reviewing, providing feedback, and adding comments to crucial media files so that all team members are on the same page. With just one click, you should be able to see different stages your videos are at and which team members are working on it.


2. Automated workflow – Less busy work, more time creating video

Getting rid of time-consuming, labor-intensive, mind-numbingly dull, traditional workflow and embracing automated workflow.

Now you can focus on what you business needs most; more video, across the entire organization.

3. Storage and reporting - All your videos (and activity) in one place

Storing all your media files in one place and offering immediate access to required media files according to their meta-data; both technical and descriptive. Controlling content and users, both, to ensure that users only have access to the content they are entitled to and have the tools they need to work with that content.

4. Multi-platform distribution and analytics – Your video never touches the ground

Once your video is approved, distributing media assets with one click to various social and digital platforms not only increases efficiency, but insures that the correct video reaches its target with a complete audit trail of approvals and activity, from creation through to publishing.

Modernizing your workflow with a video-first MAM platform amplifies the value of your media assets and helps to deliver more content with increased productivity; resulting in better video ROI and a more profitable business.

It’s about reducing cost and complexity of video management and dispersal, allowing you to focus on the core objective of your business; creating and distributing beautiful video content.

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Our Media Library keeps your workspace neat and tidy, so that you can drop the busywork and get back to teamwork.

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