Your Video Workflow, Reimagined

Step into a video workflow that brings your teams together and effortlessly moves projects forward.


Connect your global team

Staying up to date with the latest content is easy when every version is stacked together and tightly organized in the cloud.

With content right at your fingertips, simply search by type, field or status, grab the desired file, and get back to work.

Collaborative and transparent workflow

User-friendly review-and-approve features help you stay focused and save time, with happier, more engaged stakeholders.

Instantly know where each video stands with color-coded project management stages.


Seamless publishing to your favorite platforms

Now you have a clear trail from first edit to final delivery of what version was published, at what time, and by whom.

Eliminate unnecessary logins and keep your content in one place.


Analytics that you can actually understand

How did your video land? Did they love it?

Our HealthScore helps you visualise video analytics, so you can finally get a complete picture of the success of your hard work and get onto the next iteration.

Ready to reimagine a new video workflow for your team?

Wipster has been a life changer in our workflow. The moment we implemented it there were choruses of hallelujah. There were no struggles in getting everyone on board, it was “Here’s how we’re doing videos now” and everyone was like “Thank God.”
It’s just so much easier.
— Jason Keener, Producer at Time Inc

Evernote aligns their global business with shared video workspaces for seamless, friendly creative collaboration with their high-level stakeholders.

ANGRYchair share the latest cut using our Adobe Premiere Pro integration, which speeds up turnarounds and creates stronger client relationships.


Ready for your new video workflow?