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Wipster is your complete video review, approval, collaboration, publishing, and analytics platform that enables modern content teams to create and deliver better video, faster.

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“Once a video is in Wipster and off for review, editors can move on to the next project. Since all feedback and discussions are stored in Wipster it makes it easy for any editor to pick up where the last version left off. It’s a very fluid way of working.”
— Jason Keener, Producer at Time Inc

What you get

Review, approve, and publish content up to 10x faster

Wipster comes packed full of powerful and intuitive video tools designed to speed up your workflow, improve quality, and bring down the cost-per-video.


The world's leading video workflow platform trusted by over 550,000 users

Join brands such as Sephora, Time Inc, Deloitte, and Evernote, who rely on Wipster for dramatically faster turnarounds, hassle-free feedback, and seamless collaboration.

Trusted by the world’s most innovative brands

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