The new way to review and collaborate on videos

Wipster is the world’s leading video workflow platform trusted by over 850,000 professionals.

Get everyone on the same page with your work-in-progress videos. Clients and team members simply comment directly on the frame so you get clear, engaged feedback that becomes actionable to-dos.

Deliver final content up to 3x faster. Get your team started with unlimited projects and reviewers today — no credit card required.

Used by video teams across the world’s leading brands

“It was always a struggle to get timely feedback. But now, using Wipster, our review timeframes have shrunk and we’re moving at a faster pace than ever before.”
— Mark Cernosia, Video Producer at Burton Snowboards

What you get

Review, approve, and deliver content up to 10x faster

Wipster comes packed full of powerful and intuitive video workflow tools. Expect fast uploads, smooth playback, real-time collaboration, and most importantly – happy clients.


Wipster + Adobe Creative Cloud – a revolution in collaboration

Share the latest edit, receive feedback in real-time, complete tasks, and deliver final files, all from within Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro.

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