How Can Faster Review and Approval Help Your Business Create Better Quality Video?


Today’s video review and approval tools makes your collaborative workflow insanely simple; saving you valuable hours, post-production busywork, and endless email strings. But it didn’t always used to be this way.

Getting everyone together in a room to watch the latest feedback was fine, and actually quite fun when you were producing one video a month. But the endless email chains, random phone calls and confusing feedback? Not so much.

Fast forward to today where creatives are making more video than ever before. No wonder there are some insanely powerful review and collaboration tools available to transform your workflow — and business. After all, the less time you spend giving and receiving feedback, the more time you can spend in creating more video content.

5 Ways Video Review Tools Can Completely Transform Your Business


1) Your team, clients, and stakeholders will love you

What’s better than a platform with no login, no downloads, no clutter, just push play and click on top of the video to comment? We can't think of anything.

Your team will love when they see a video review platform that’s tailor-made for them and dedicated to eliminating confusion from their lives. Say goodbye to time codes, spreadsheets, and lengthy explanations of what they’re looking at.

See how Evernote uses Wipster to bring clarity and speed to video post-production, review and approval.

2) Spend more time doing what you love – Creating beautiful videos

You spend half your time chasing feedback; imagine if you got all that time back?

You’ll get more time to create better videos, increase the amount of videos you take on, and work on the finer details of growing your business.

3) Find all of your videos in one place

Storing all your videos in a centralised space makes collaboration between your team, clients, and you trouble-free and fast. Everyone’s on the same page, chances of miscommunications are zero, all videos are available at one glance, and engagement is thriving.

This produces a creatively-charged atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to come up with more ideas on new ways to use video. Better workplace environment, more innovative ideas.

4) Reduce random feedback chaos

It’s pretty frustrating when clients and team members offer unsolicited advice on random video parts, right? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool that would only allow clients to give feedback on the part that you want, and not nitpick faults in the entire video?

This is one of the best features of a review and approval tool. Layer reviews so that clients don’t offer unwanted feedback and derail your editing process.


5) Up your video content game

Once you start using R&A tools, you’ll discover even more advanced video workflow and performance tools at your disposal to take your business and video strategy to the next level.

It’s fine when you’re working with just a couple of videos, but when you scale up and start working on 5 to 10 videos (or more) a month, you need to think about creating an efficient workflow. The more automated and organized your video workflow is, the more efficient it will be and your business will grow faster.

With Wipster, creative and marketing teams can collaborate on video revisions, store them in a shared multimedia asset library, publish videos across a variety of channels, and easily understand the results.

Say Goodbye to Busywork and Hit Bigger Goals with More Video

Now you can keep an audit trail of client feedback and review video edits made by your team instantly. So you spend more time doing what you love, creating and polishing that perfect video, than being immersed in a time-sucking email battle with clients, team members and collaborators.

Five years ago Wipster was proud to invent pin-point commenting on-top of your videos and now we continue to pave the way to empower video teams to create better video, faster.