Should You Invest in Video Asset Management?

73% of your consumers want to see more video content from you, and 87% of your employees prefer video over text, anyday. By 2021, those numbers are going to go up to 99% (most probably).

A brand cannot build a strong online presence on the internet without creating a plethora of compelling video content. Teams in marketing, communications, PR, and sales are all making record numbers of video – the average brand creates 18 videos a month — and this growth is showing no signs of slowing down!

How efficient is your video organization solution?

As companies create more video, the need for better video asset management becomes paramount. Businesses on average have 293 videos in their library, so saving all these video assets on Google drive, in your cluttered internal server—or even worse, across multiple locations and hard drives—will only result in headaches.

With a setup like that you’re never going to find the right videos (or the required b-roll) at the right time, and you’ll be forced to duplicate assets when deadline nears — losing tens of thousands of dollars each year to mismanagement of your video assets.

You need to create a smart, efficient and connected video library that ensures every asset is easily accessible across teams, offices, and devices — no matter where they are.


A Video-First Multi Asset Management System: Does Your Company Need One?

An in-depth look at why it’s important to get the right multi-asset management system for your company, and how it can help your team scale their content workflow


Enter, the Video Asset Management Platform

Using a video asset management platform is the most efficient way of organizing all your video assets. It allows your company to:

  • Store and manage all of your video assets in the cloud for access around the world

  • Make it faster and simpler to find, share, and access any video file

  • Have access to specific metadata, description info, custom tagging, and file activity,

  • Save time with all the info you need in one centralized library so that your team can produce better videos, faster.

Even if you are early on your video journey, setting up a best-practice video asset manager that is both efficient and repeatable is a critical step towards developing a truly scalable video workflow.

Can I get collaboration with that?

Most video asset management platforms don’t also offer workflow collaboration tools. To save time and cut costs, you need a single platform that seamlessly collaborates with all your other workflow tools, so you don’t need to go back and forth between multiple platforms. This helps you produce way more content at a lower cost per video. It also makes it easier for everyone in the organization (even the non-tech team members) to participate and engage in the video production process.

Spend more time creating more high performing video content and less time involved in tedious asset management and chasing people for files and feedback.


Does your organization need yet another software?

Does this sound like your organization?

  • You don’t have a proper video storage and organization system in place for the growing number amount video content your business is creating

  • You are stuck with an old, expensive, and hard to use internal server that is not made for video

  • You can't quickly find the video file you, your team or your client requires right now (or sometimes, ever)

  • Your collaboration, review, and approval process is slow and clunky, which results in less-than-perfect video content being produced and distributed

  • You want to create and leverage more video across your business

If you answered yes to any of these questions a video asset management system is an instant- win for your team to streamline their video workflow.


A VAM software, like Wipster, not only provides you with a plethora of tools to make your video workflow simpler, but also makes publishing and tracking the success of video content a breeze.

Now you can create, review and approve, store, publish, and track stellar video content - all through a single platform

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