Time Inc modernized their post-production workflow in order to meet the demand for video across all of their various audiences channels. With 13 offices across the world and multiple brand subsidiaries that require all kinds of video content, from food and living, to sports and lifestyle, they needed a workflow that would allow them to do more with less.

From 2014 to 2016, Time Inc’s Alabama office has shifted from 750 videos a year to over 2,000. Jason Keener, one of the producers at the Alabama campus, works with a number of Time Inc brands and provides support to their New York counterparts. With a budget that remained the same, they had to find efficiencies in their workflow.

In this case study we’ll learn:

  • How multiple video teams across the country work together to deliver high quality content

  • What they do to manage a mixed team of full-time and freelance employees while never skipping a beat

  • Why Time Inc uses Wipster and how it’s become an integral part of their workflow

  • How their workflow has evolved to become their competitive advantage

  • How Time Inc harness the power of social media and immediate feedback from their audience to deliver even better content that is on trend

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