Shootsta’s mantra is to disrupt the video production industry by empowering Brands, Governments & Institutions to create high-quality video content in-house with 24 hour turnaround times. They’re the only always-on video content solution that empowers companies to create high-quality video content at scale.

Their cost-effective subscription model provides video tools, gear, training and editing services to brands, all delivered with a state-of-the-art Shootsta kit. Once the footage is shot, it’s uploaded to their cloud-based platform where their in-house editors turn it around and deliver a professional quality video within 24 hours.

Mike Pritchett, CEO of Shootsta, has personally watched brands changes their approach to video content. “When I started in the video production industry 15 years ago, companies would contact me and say: “We need a corporate DVD done”. We made these corporate pieces and then said “Sayonara, we’ll see you in five years when you need a new one”. Then, businesses started saying “we need a new one every week”.

“It shows the entire shift in the industry, from “ad hoc” to “always on”. We’re in the client’s back pocket, ready to shoot. Corporates are falling in love with the idea of using video in every facet of their marketing strategy, and we’re enabling them to take advantage of that trend.”

“Gone are the days where people can make a message and release it two weeks later.”

Handling such a high number of brands who require 24 hour turnarounds, means finding opportunities to streamline communication and decisions between Shootsta and their partners. Setting up review meetings, mismatched timecode email chains and spreadsheets of comments from random stakeholders would only slow the process down, affecting their ability to deliver on time.

For Shootsta to stay on top of their turnarounds, they chose to harness the collaborative power of Wipster. Using Wipster as their review-and-approval solution has saved hundreds of hours of back and forth between multiple brand stakeholders in an organized and meaningful way.

Wipster makes it easy for Shootsta to engage key stakeholders and receive high quality feedback. They know exactly who has viewed the video, what changes are being made, what version they’re up to and when it’s been signed off. Brand partners can then download the final version from Wipster, or Shootsta can use the Wipster/Brightcove integration and one-click publish directly to the brand’s Brightcove account, ready for distribution.

By using Wipster in their workflow with their brand partners, Shootsta are saving time and are back to helping their partners create more videos — in fact they’re increasing their video content delivery by 20% month on month. This means higher returns for Brightcove and higher returns for their partners.

And by using Wipster’s one-click publishing integration to Brightcove, their workflow is even faster.

Shootsta COO, Tim Moylan, believes the integration has enhanced the workflow of his content creation team. “The Wipster/Brightcove integration accelerates our ability to deliver results to our brand partners. Less time waiting for uploads, downloads and delivering files means more time getting back to creating exceptional content.”

With one-click publishing from Wipster to Brightcove, efficiency meets intelligence. Now you too can harness the power of a finely-tuned video workflow.


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