How Efficient is Your Post-Production Workflow?

From 1 to Running-Smoothly; Here's How Your Business Can Streamline It's Post-Production Video Workflow

An efficient video workflow can be the difference between on-point and on-time video content produced without any hitches, and an endless round of emails, late nights and constant headaches trying to get everyone on the same page and produce a decent quality video before deadline.

When organization and creativity clash, there are no winners.

The smoother your workflow, the better results you’ll get out of your producers and editors. When every chink in your video workflow armor — pre-production, production, and post-production — is covered, your team can complete work faster to a higher quality, and get more out the door in a shorter amount of time.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? To get it right, you need to streamline your workflow from the beginning, right up until you pre-publish. We call it the "pre-publishing workflow" and it's how you get projects out the door faster.

What is a Pre-Publishing Workflow?

Pre-publishing workflow consists of 3 core processes — pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production and production can be intense, but post-production is where you turn your video content into a  quality video, or a badly-edited one that isn’t on par with what your client or marketing team demanded.

Video post production workflow includes a myriad of processes; from organizing footage and editing sound effects, to colour correction and visual edits. Increasing efficiency at this point allows your team to make better use of their time and do their work effectively.

Want to see the industry standard for workflow harmony?

Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Pre-Publishing Process

How much time do you spend receiving feedback and gaining approval?

Instead of receiving feedback and approvals via email (or even Microsoft Word!), you can instead use automated tools that streamline this entire process and allow you to give feedback in real time on top of the video itself.

This ensures that your entire team, along with the client and remote workers, are on the same page and every little detail is being finalised there and then. It also saves everyone a ton of time and lets them focus on what they do best — creating award-winning videos.

Do you edit the video in-house or use external editors?

Editing processes can greatly affect workflow, and you need to ensure that you’re using the right system for your business to avoid inefficiency as there are pros and cons of both systems.

There’s no doubt that in-house video editors can understand the brand story intimately and are familiar with the kind of content that is produced by your company. However, if a single editor is editing multiple videos as you scale your video marketing strategy it may cause delays.

Outsourcing it to external editors can ensure a better turnaround, but costs could also be significantly higher per project.

Do you have an effective video success tracking and optimization process in place?

Receiving feedback on how the video is performing within the first few days of launch allows your post-production team to become part of the video optimization process. They can re-edit parts where viewers drop off, or make separate cuts/versions for parts of the video that people are engaging strongly with. A post-production team that works closely with the video distribution team is more successful overall.

Got the workflow? Here are the tools. We’ve collected our favorite post-production tools to get your workflow to the next level.

The Wipster Dashboard is your team's go-to central for workflow updates, changes, and activity.

The Wipster Dashboard is your team's go-to central for workflow updates, changes, and activity.

Wipster helps you with all this and a lot more

With quick iterations, prompt turnaround on feedback, a shared workplace, advanced metrics for easy video tracking, it ensures that your post-production workflow is streamlined and better videos are being produced faster.