A workflow that connects the worlds best media teams

The industry’s leading entertainment, publishing, and sports media companies rely on Wipster to produce fast-paced, cutting edge video that reaches audiences around the world.

See how Wipster saves you time, keeps you ahead of schedule, and scales alongside your team.

“We’ve nearly eliminated the dreaded email review and our team thinks it’s brilliant — especially the business groups; they love not having to provide time codes. We’ve streamlined our workflow and can work much faster and more cohesively.”
— Kristen Wendland Director, Marketing & Promotions, MLB

Review and approval your exec team will actually use

There’s a reason why legal teams, sponsor clients, agencies, and executives rank Wipster number one for video review. It’s intuitive and they instantly get-it—which gives them time back in their day.

Skip the tedious in-person review and let them comment right on the video from their mobile device or laptop instead. No need to download files, or dig through emails to find the latest version!


Take mismatched timecodes and endless emails out of your workflow    

Wipster provides a frame-accurate review experience—which means that you get the context you need to quickly make changes and hit your deadlines.

With real-time comments and conversations on the most up-to-date versions, you can stop playing detective and experience the joy of clear and efficient communication.

“Once a video is in Wipster and off for review, editors can move on to the next project. Since all feedback and discussions are stored in Wipster it makes it easy for any editor to pick up where the last version left off. It’s a very fluid way of working.”
— Jason Keener, Video Producer at Time Inc

De-risk the wrong video going out to digital and social channels

As you slice and dice videos into a dozen different clips for review and final approval, Wipster provides a clear video status on each file and organizes projects by workflow milestones.

Now your social team will only publish videos that are “ready to publish” and they can even push them out directly from Wipster.


Keep your content in the right hands

Eliminate the risk of leaked spoilers and maintain tight control over who can interact with your scenes, trailers, and promos.

Password-protect and expire links, manage user-permissions, and make your legal team happy with a full audit trail of activity.

“Wipster frees up a lot of time. Producers and clients are able to watch it when they are ready and can really focus on giving good feedback.”
— Post Production Operations Manager, Large Media Brand

Hang out in your edit suite, we’ll bring the notes to you  

Wipster helps you save time and stay focused with deep integrations into Adobe Premiere, After Effects and other editing tools. Mark actions complete and send new versions out for review without having to toggle between tools and windows.

wipster integrations slack adobe premiere pro after effects brightcove wistia.png

Security your IT department will get behind

The largest media companies in the world trust Wipster for their cloud-based post-production workflow.

With SSO capabilities that map to existing user-roles, bank-level encryption and servers hosted on industry-leading Microsoft Azure, your media IT teams will sleep well at night. Learn more about how we protect your content.

Why Media Companies Love Wipster

“From the moment we implemented Wipster it was a lot of choruses of hallelujah. There was no hesitation or struggle in getting everyone on board. It was instant.”
— Jason Keener, Producer, Time Inc

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