Want to know the trick to producing best-in-class video?


A highly engaged review and approval process, where the whole team collaborates efficiently and transparently – that’s where it’s at.



Your complete collaboration platform

When your production team shares an edit, just click and type to say what’s on your mind. Tag in colleagues when you need their opinion, and allocate tasks to your staff, all within Wipster.

It’s super easy for stakeholders to approve content, and all earlier versions are archived for posterity. One-click publishing takes your content to the world.

Through the ease of review, Wipster gives us the ability to maintain and enhance quality
— Xero, Global head of Video, Pat Macfie

Take efficiency to new levels

Manage multiple project teams (including internal staff and external contractors) and streams of work, and our content-rich notifications, mobile optimization, and notifications in your Slack channels make it super easy to know where each project is at (and never waste another second wondering).

Wipster has been a life changer. The way we used to review and approve content was a nightmare
— Time Inc, Jason Keener

Learn how to win with content

Evernote raises the game with best in class video

It’s what we imagine modern software to be
— Andrew Brinkoff, VP Marketing @ Evernote



Our security features are second-to-none

SSL-level asset sharing, permissions, and authenticated sharing means no-one sees anything they shouldn’t. And all our enterprise accounts have access to gold-level tech support – because we know you have no time for downtime.


Bring in everyone

The best bit? Content creators love Wipster too: your freelancers, agencies, and inhouse video makers will be hooked on our integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, automated to-do lists, and team-only commenting.

Wipster couldn’t be more user friendly and intuitive
— Shopify, Matt Wiebe

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