All Your Videos in One Place

Stay up to date with your team’s most recent comments, video activity, publishing analytics, and more—in one central workspace.

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Unlock Creativity With Wipster Flow

Behind every harmonious team is a workflow that does its job. Flow provides focus, saves time, and lets you get back to what matters—creating beautiful video.

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Intuitive Review and Workflow

Video review doesn’t have to be that dreaded task. Reviewers simply comment directly on the frame so you get clear, engaged feedback that becomes actionable to-dos.


Organized Project Stages

No more hunting down project updates. Instantly know where to focus your efforts with a clear video status on each file and projects organized by workflow milestones.

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Bigger Impact With Wipster Pulse

When your video meets its audience, you should be there. Pulse keeps you connected to how they respond so you stay in the conversation and can refine your work without hesitation.

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One-Click Publishing

Eliminate unnecessary logins and keep your content in one place as you publish to various social and video platforms—including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wistia, Vimeo and Brightcove.


Aggregated Health Scores

How did your latest video campaign perform? HealthScores crunch the data for you and reveals the most important viewing, duration, and engagement data across various social and publishing channels.

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Media Asset Management

Worklife gets a lot more peaceful with a little bit of structure. Our Media Library keeps your workspace neat and tidy and lets you tag, categorize, and curate your files until your heart’s content.

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Full Video Context

Every video file in Wipster contains a complete review history, detailed metadata, and publishing analytics so that you have a complete picture of your work.


Easy Keyword Tagging

Need to find all content on “brand”? Need to re-edit some footage of your last “event”? Keyword tagging keeps assets categorized and organized so you can find them in a moment’s notice.

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