The World’s Top Organizations Use Wipster


A streamlined feedback hub

Big organizations need one space to keep everyone on the same page


Shopify: Success Story

How Shopify uses Wipster to communicate across thousands of global stakeholders.


Enterprise-grade security

Built-on Microsoft Azure and 256 Bit Encryption for secure cloud sharing. Learn more.


Ranked #1 cloud video platform for secure sharing

Wipster meets content security standards for the world’s largest media companies, banking institutions, and technology firms.


Designed for efficiency

Easily push creative projects through production stages with Wipster’s Flow

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Integrated with Adobe

The Wipster Review Panel enables Editors to collect feedback without leaving their editing suite



Review all media types

Your marketing team, video team, and social team can share all media types


Collaborate with everyone, at every phase

Each creative editor, production manager and reviewer owns their part of the creative process and stays in sync along the way—across any platform.


Bring your favorite tools along

Our app seamlessly integrates with your essential tools - like Slack, Adobe Premiere, and Box -
which make setup completely painless. Even for large teams.


Xero: Success Story

Learn how Xero is able to produce 400+ high quality videos every year with the help of Wipster.


More Customer Success Case Studies


Learn how Shootsta distrupted enterprise video.

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Time Inc

Learn how Time Inc reduced post-production costs.

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Shopify Studios

Learn how Shopify Studios streamlines their post workflow.

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Wipster’s Mobile App

Review & approve content on-the-go. Available on iOS and Android.