Digital Asset Management - Should You Invest in One, or Not?

84% businesses say finding assets is the No. 1 challenge they have when working with digital assets.

Thousands of dollars, several sleepless nights, and multiple team members are sacrificed to create digital assets (and their multiple versions) for an organization. And 1/3 of those digital assets go unused or underutilized.

Why? Because there’s no efficient system to organize all these assets and find them instantly when a deadline is looming.

The more digital assets you create, the more organization chaos there is

Organizations are creating record numbers of digital assets for HR, sales, training, communications, entertainment, social media, and various marketing campaigns. These assets are being produced by employees across the business, from all over the world, and end up being stored almost anywhere.


They’re also being tweaked for different platforms, audiences, and campaigns resulting in multiple versions of multiple files, spread across internal servers, Google Drive, laptops, and USB’s, with titles like ‘video’, ‘videoV1’, ‘videoV2’, ‘videoFINAL’, ‘videoFINAL!’, videoFINALFINAL!!!’.

How are you meant to keep on top of all this to make sure all digital assets are being produced, edited, uploaded, published, and monitored at the right time to hit the right goals? Exhausting, right?

Here’s your digital asset frustration checklist:

  • How do you manage thousands of digital assets? Google Drive? Internal server? USB? Mixture of all?

  • How long does it take you to find a specific file from your Internal server and be sure it is the latest approved version?

  • Are you able to effectively communicating with your in-house and outsourced team members when producing and editing different creative assets?

  • How do you track files which are pending for approval, pending for edits, or complete?

  • AND while doing all this, how many valuable hours (and digital media files) do you lose to server black holes every day, week, month, and year?

Here are the facts:

Businesses are scampering to find a solution to manage all their digital assets efficiently and saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually.

The best solution? Use cloud digital asset management software

Cloud DAM organizes all your digital assets systematically, so you and your team can have access to any file, anytime, from anywhere ASAP. It’s a completely digital, secure, and connected workflow in the cloud and its dynamic nature helps brands in accelerating content creation and getting more digital media assets out of the door, faster.

All of this increased efficiency and productivity results in increased revenue.

Investing in Wipster, an all-in-one cloud-based DAM and collaborative workflow solution, is a cost-saving, time-efficient, growth accelerating decision that streamlines your entire asset production and distribution process.

  • It’s a management platform that organizes digital assets according to their metadata, descriptions and custom tags so everyone can access these files at any time from anywhere without wasting time.

  • It ensures all digital assets are secure, easy to find, store, monitor and share with team members across the globe, on any device.

  • It connects seamlessly with Wipster’s industry-leading collaboration, publishing, and analytics tools which not only dramatically improves efficiency, but helps teams optimize for performance as well.

  • Wipster has a video-first focus, meaning our DAM solution is optimized for brands who want to create more video.


An added benefit of Wipster is that it’s more than just your regular DAM - it also simplifies video review and approval process, allows one-click publishing to all major video platforms, and then tracks the results to ensure optimum results of your video content.

It’s a mix of Google drive + Slack + a little something extra.