Wipster doesn’t just save hours at work — it’s all those other hours too. It’s not just the hour you earn back not fishing around for thumbnails or the hour you get back by publishing from inside Wipster. It’s the time you get back that you can spend with your friends and family and do what you want to do in life.
— Matte Projects — New York based creative agency


Time Inc effortlessly manage their video assets between teammates so that time-sensitive content gets out the door faster.



4th Avenue Media have special client workspaces which create user-friendly agency/client collaboration and 24 hour turnarounds.


Evernote aligns their global business with shared video workspaces for seamless, friendly creative collaboration with their high-level stakeholders.


Small Studio

ANGRYchair share the latest cut using our Adobe Premiere Pro integration, which speeds up turnarounds and creates stronger client relationships.

Wipster has been a life changer in the feedback process. The moment we implemented it there were choruses of hallelujah. There were no struggles in getting everyone on board, it was “Here’s how we’re doing videos now” and everyone was like “Thank God.” It’s just so much easier.
— Jason Keener, Senior Producer at Time Inc

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