Your client wants to use Wipster

Frictionless feedback with your clients (at last)


Work-in-progress, all in one place

With Wipster, your staff can share early cuts with creative directors and producers for feedback, then send it straight to clients for alts and approvals. Wipster is the one-stop hub of truth.

Frame-accurate commenting means there’s no confusion about who’s saying what, and unlimited versioning lets you iterate swiftly, getting client and creatives to content nirvana sooner than ever before.  

Anybody who gets feedback on their videos can benefit from Wipster. It increases our efficiency, reduces the number of meetings, and helps us get to a better result, faster.
— Stillmotion, Patrick Moreau

From $25 per month

Wipster has truly revolutionised our video review process with clients for both video and animation projects.
— Silicon Pixel, Paul Gale

Tools where you need them

Team-only commenting is a blessing when it comes to discussing client requests, as well as for allocating responsibilities across your staff. Content-rich notifications and mobile apps for iOS and Android means no-one wastes any time waiting around for feedback, and our Slack integration lets account managers and production heads see where each project is at.

Did we mention that clients love Wipster too? It’s sleek and intuitive, and has a raft of enterprise-only features (single sign-on! permissions! gold support!). If they’re not already a convert, send your clients here to get their own Wipster account.


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I have examined the rest - Wipster is the best 😁👍
— Simon Malcolm


Learn how Cubic Content creates better content faster with Wipster


Wipster is perfect for freelance content creators

Adobe Creative Cloud Panel

Adobe Creative Cloud Panel

Realtime communication

It couldn’t be easier: upload your latest cut to Wipster, share it with your client, and watch as frame-accurate pinpoint comments pop up directly on the screen (or even better, get our Adobe add-on and have those comments appear directly in your After Effects or Premiere timeline). Content-rich notifications, mobile apps, and automated to-do lists means no time is wasted waiting around for feedback.

For all you independent film/tv editors out there, use Wipster for your post-production workflow, it’s a real game changer.
— Craig Jay, freelance film editor

Engage your clients

Quite simply: Wipster completely smoothes out your feedback and sign-off process with clients: there’s zero confusion about which version you’re all looking at, and creator and client are both happy when the conversation can take place where it belongs – on top of the asset. Plus: emojis 😎  Say no more.

giphy (1).gif
Wipster has really helped streamline our whole process with a global team, particularly the After Effects integration!
— Chromosphere LA


Link your accounts

And – clients love Wipster too. It’s super intuitive, and makes the feedback and sign-off process a dream. If they haven’t signed up already, send your clients here to get their own Wipster account.

Today we officially fell in love with Wipster. Long time since I’ve been so excited about a bit of software!
— Dependable Productions

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