True Innovation in a Collaborative Age – Xero’s Beautiful Video Marketing Story

From its conception in 2006, Xero has created beautiful accounting software that delivers results for its customers. This approach has taken them from a small startup to a company with 1400 employees in 20 offices globally. Their dedication to beautifully crafted products carries through to their marketing campaigns, where they invest serious time and effort in creating fully integrated video campaigns across all facets of the marketing and sales funnel.

Pat Macfie, the Global Director of Media at Xero, manages five teams in San Francisco, London, Auckland, Wellington, and Melbourne, with over 300 internal stakeholders. The finesse with which these teams collaborate is one of the most cutting-edge processes we’ve seen within an in-house content creation team. With their innovative workflow, Xero is able to produce 400 exceptionally high-quality videos a year, all developed, shot, animated, reviewed, approved and published in-house – and with turnarounds of a matter of days, not weeks.

In this in-depth study of Xero’s video content strategy, we discover:

  • How an international team functions as a 24/7 content creation machine
  • Why the number of videos Xero produces each year has dropped
  • How they keep content fresh when dealing with a service-based product
  • The incredible integrated content marketing campaigns that delight their customers
  • The marketing tools and solutions Xero uses to take their campaigns to the next level
  • The most important thing Xero has learned over ten years of marketing development


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