Wipster + Vimeo: Seamless creativity

Video review and approval is now a dream

Making videos is a sweet way to pay the bills. Going back and forth with clients over each edit? Not so much.

Until now. Connect your Vimeo account to Wipster, and discover how reviewing and approving your video work with clients can truly be a joy.

Wipster is a streamlined, best-practice video review platform, and it’s fully integrated with Vimeo. The workflow couldn’t be simpler: upload your latest edit, share it with your clients and colleagues, and have frame-accurate conversations directly on the video.

Those comments become an automated to-do list, and new edits are neatly stacked. 

Once your edit is approved, you can publish straight from Wipster to your Vimeo account, and showcase your work in stunning HD, with zero ads.

Already a Wipster user? Connect your accounts today and enjoy a flawless experience.

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