Wipster Version 1.0: The end of the beginning

Wipster has always been about moving fast. Getting things done. We believe that the gap between idea and execution doesn’t have to be as long as it often appears. This is the principle that stands behind the product, but it’s also the principle that’s helped us build it. We believe in speed.

With that in mind we set ourselves the task of releasing a fully realised iteration of Wipster before November 18th 2013, the date that marks one full year since the original spark of an idea that created Wipster. Since then the team has grown from one to many and large milestones have been met. We’ve taken investment and the vision for what the company can be has blossomed. Code has been cut, constructive conversations have been stoked, arguments have been dampened, and the occasional pint has been consumed. The product is not just out of prototype, or Alpha, or Beta. The product is out of ‘almost there’.

Wipster Version 1.0. Almost every part of the app has been tweaked to be faster, better and easier to use.

One of the founding tenets of Wipster reads ‘Whatever it is, make it a joy’. I can solemnly attest that we’ve done everything we can to make video review and approval a joy. We've taken something people used to dread, something that would diminish the quality of creative work around the globe, something that made life harder than it should be… and we've fixed it. This is the ultimate aim of any startup, find a process that is nasty, and make it a pleasure.

1.0 is as tidy as it sounds. It’s a bookend to the early days of beta. It’s also the first page of a new chapter. We’re many steps along the journey in creating a product and a user experience that will resonate with millions of video makers across the world, but there are many steps ahead.

The timing couldn’t be better. In 2011 51% of all internet traffic was video. By 2016 that’s set to be 86%. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in this business. We’re seeing more people creating more video than ever before, and we believe that means something.The ground underneath us is shifting. The tools of creativity are cheaper and easier than they’ve ever been, as are the tools of distribution. It’s never been easier to have an idea and do something about it.

So what’s new in Wipster version 1.0?

Wipster has always been about collaboration, but with this release we’ve taken it deeper. Teams can now work together all in the same account, for the incredibly low price of $49USD pm. This will grant you and your collaborators unlimited video storage and unlimited sharing.

People from across the world are now using Wipster daily to collaborate on their creative video. Recently a customer emailed us the other day to let us know that using Wipster was saving them 75% of their review time, which they could now use to make the video as good as they originally imagined it to be. We were blown away. This has always been the goal, and it’s great to see it realised.

New in this release:

  • Collaborative team accounts
  • Integrated activity stream
  • Enhanced Todo list
  • Global address book
  • Enhanced personal profile
  • Customized reviewer invites
  • Fully integrated support desk