Wipster Version 0.9 'Francois' has arrived

One of the joys of working on a project like Wipster is seeing ideas move from scrappy sketches on napkins through to mature, usable features. We’ve been itching to make good on our plans for Wipster’s commenting feature, and it feels good to say it’s now here. This part of Wipster sits at the core of the whole experience, so we don’t make changes to it lightly.

There are so many additions to our commenting system it'd almost be quicker to talk about what's the same in Version 0.9. Don't panic, you can still collaborate right on top of the video, like always. But the conversation just got a whole lot richer. Now you can really get into the details of your work with our new contextual pointer. This little beauty can be shifted around, totally independently of the comment itself, letting your team make specific, targeted comments on the things that really matter. There’s zero confusion, just simple, concise feedback. Everything goes faster.

The conversation now goes two ways.

We've also built an easy-to-use reply system so that every comment can become a proper back-and-forth between you and your collaborators. We’ve always considered this feature a ‘need-to-have’, but getting it right took no small amount of doing. There’s been more than a few goes round the design tree (truly one of our favourite trees) in order to make sure that the whole system still works where it should, right on the video.


The new 'upload media' button

Next up is that charming mountain vista that sits right underneath the new reply box. Click that button and open up a whole new channel of conversation by uploading image files into the comment box. Think a colour grade needs to look a little more like seventies Scorsese? Now you can drop in your reference images right on top of the video. Or maybe you want to revise the storyboard now that you've seen your animator's first pass? Just attach a sketch to the rest of your feedback on Wipster and you're away. You’ve got to give it a go, it's a joy to use and the whole thing is insanely simple.

Now that version 0.9’s in the can, it’s a brief clink of glasses to celebrate the last of the zero point releases and then back to work on Version 1.0. As you’d imagine, this’ll be a big one. If you haven’t got a Wipster account, we suggest you sign up immediately, then sit back and watch the biggest feature rollout we’ve ever done. There might even be a fanfare and some fireworks. You can also have your say on what works for you anytime you like.

Most importantly, even though we’ll be officially out of Beta with our Version 1.0 release, we’ll still make good on our current pricing models if you sign up right now for a year. Deals don’t come better than that, so get to it soon as you can.

Until the next version,
The Wipsters.


New in this version:


  • Comments are now written directly on to the video frame
  • Comments can contain image files.
  • Comments can be replied to
  • Comments have a separate pointer
  • Comments are timestamped
  • Various bug fixes