Wipster Version 0.8: It's a brand new player

Hi there Wipsters,

Magnificent times are afoot here at Wipster HQ. Wipster Version 0.8 has just gone live and we're looking at the better side of another antipodean winter. It seems that both the literal and the metaphorical temperatures are going up around here. With this release we've focused on keeping things simple. We've added only what we know is going to make things easier for our users. We think the result is something rather unique.

The first thing you'll notice next time you login is that we've rebuilt the review screen experience from the ground up. We've been spending a lot of time talking to our users about this screen and how it can work better for them. Through that process we've been able to build a new system that makes giving and receiving feed an outrageously simple affair.

At the center of all this is the brand new Wipster player. While we've still got quite the goody bag of related review-screen features to roll out as we head towards Wipster V 1.0, for us this player is right at the heart of Wipster. It's quite literally at the business end of things for our users, and we feel it’s absolutely critical that we get it right.

The new Wipster player – now with comment shuttle buttons.

Right away you'll see this is not the usual kind of video player. Through the process of re-designing it we realised something rather crucial - just giving the user the usual play/pause set-up is not particularly helpful when working with comments and feedback ON the video. The feedback process requires a kind of precision that stopping and starting big dumb buttons doesn't give you. We decided to build a set of controls that allow our users to navigate straight through the parts of video people have actually commented on, with no messing around trying to line anything up. After all - the odds are that the parts people comment on are the parts that matter during the feedback process. And as ever, we are frame accurate, allowing frame forward and back with the keyboard arrows.

As well as rolling out the big-name features we've also been spending a lot of time adjusting the minute details of the Wipster experience, tweaking the digits to make sure everything ticks along nicely. We've added the ability to abort an upload-in-progress without having to do horrible things like refresh your browser. We've also made it so users can rename their clips from right within the project screen, ending the horror of being stuck with long video names edit suites just love to spit out.

Upload cancel button

Cancelling uploads-in-progress. Now just one click away.

Editing a project title

Titles can now be changed with ease.

It's an ongoing affair getting these things right, so if you have any thoughts on what we're doing or what we could be doing, don't just think about it, get in touch. There's a heap of different ways to reach us - FacebookTwitter are always a joy, but we do respond to good old-fashioned emails as well.

Sign in and have a look about. It just about goes without saying, but if you're not already on Wipster don't think about it for another second, sign up now. Your first 10 minutes of video upload are free and it'll only take you 30 seconds to sign up. The seconds are ticking…

See you on Wipster,

Wipster HQ

PS: Not a video maker, but know someone who is? Send them this link: wipster.io