Wipster stands on the shoulders of tech giants

In the early, nascent stages of a company, it’s a godsend to be able to piggyback on the shoulder of a giant. For Wipster, Microsoft has been our giant. Early last year we were chosen from a pool of more than 50,000 early-stage start-ups to be part of the BizSpark program.

Microsoft Bizspark is a mentoring and resourcing program that grants access to three years worth of software, support and promotion. For a young company, that means you can quickly and easily scale up your systems as fast as you need to, without the logistical headaches of continually wrangling cumbersome infrastructure.

In those early days of a start-up there’s always a lot going on, so having a program like BizSpark take away some of the hassles of running complex technology is a huge win.

It’s difficult to overstate the value of that kind of support, to say nothing of the financial advantages. Now, with our growing development team and expanding user base, it’s great to know that the bedrock of the technology that underwrites much of Wipster is solid and ready to grow with us.

In the spirit of our continued partnership we’ve collaborated with Microsoft on a video describing the origins of Wipster, the vision for the product and where it’s all heading. The video was filmed earlier this year at Microsoft’s San Francisco office and in Wellington, New Zealand.