Wipster Settings will not change your life. But it will change your password.

You can’t say we don’t sweat the details.

We’ve recently dusted down the place we call Wipster Settings. You probably know it as where you change your password.

Make no mistake, Wipster’s new settings panel is not a game-changer. At best it’s a game-slightly-improver. But we’ve always believed that slight improvements count. After all, a whole lot of small stumbling blocks can add up to one giant obstacle, so we want to ensure even experiences as mundane as changing your notification frequency are great ones.

Our designer discovers the camera has a remote.

Our designer discovers the camera has a remote.

During the process of devising ‘Wipster Settings’, some of us got a little caught up in the magic of pure creation, in the power of design to change the world. We hesitate to use the word ‘delusions of grandeur’, but there it is.

Wipster settings doesn't represent a new direction or a new beginning. It doesn't represent much at all, truth be told. But for us it's one tiny step closer to the video making process being as frictionless an experience as possible. That, in total seriousness, is important.

Coming this Fall...