Prepare For Blast-Off! Wipster Launches Social Media Publishing

T-minus 3… 2… 1… Blast-off!

Check out our video, filmed and edited by the Wipster team!

We’re excited to announce the successful launch of the first rocket in the review-and-approval market to land directly on your favorite social media platforms.

From today, Wipster is your command centre for all your social media video and image assets.

Prepare to publish your approved assets direct to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Direct publishing means no downloads, no uploads, no server transfers, no across-team confusion on the most recent iteration, and no down time — just connect your social media accounts, launch your next marketing campaign and watch it land exactly where it needs to be.

And now Wipster can be your final safeguard against rocket failure: Have all your video and imagery content in one place for ultimate transparency and brand security across your marketing team. Everyone knows when something has been published, when the final version has been approved, and old campaigns can be kept safely locked away in your media archive.

Let’s have a look at the cosmic map and see where your Wipster rocket can take your team.

Planet Facebook

With it’s shining blue rings, this water planet is making a splash with online video. With the leader of Planet Facebook himself saying that most of Facebook will be video in five years, it is a must-have on your video distribution strategy.

With our Facebook integration, you can publish videos AND images directly to your chosen Facebook page.

Let the designers upload the latest version of your campaign imagery, have the editors finalise the final edit of the video, craft the words of the post and bada bing bada boom it’s sent off into the universe! One less thing to worry about.

Twitter the Gas Giant

Don’t be fooled by the make-up of this planet, with 319 million active users Twitter is anything but just a ball of gas. 140 characters can make or break the success of your campaign and distributing it on Twitter serves your audience right where they hang out.

Yet again, you can publish your videos and imagery direct to your connected Twitter account, all wrapped up in a nice little Tweet.

Yes, you heard that right, you can now Tweet from inside Wipster! Using Twitter’s platform to Tweet is so 2016.

Rocky Planet YouTube

Planet YouTube isn’t some puny ball of rock, it’s the biggest of them all where other platforms are influenced by its gravitational pull. YouTube is where video lives and breathes, so get ready to use that publish button regularly.

We at Wipster use this feature every day as part of The Daily WIP and we can personally attest to how much of a time saver this integration is. Upload for review, share with the team, get feedback, and then send directly to YouTube without ever having to open another tab — we’re living in the future!

Add your description and send it off, no more dillydallying. Get straight back to creating, iterating and optimizing your video content.

It’s a big galaxy out there, but Wipster is here to keep your rockets firing

With Wipster as your marketing command centre, launching your campaign video and imagery out into the social media galaxy is easier than ever before. The whole team has access to the most recent approved versions and there’s full transparency over who published what when — never have a delayed countdown or failure to launch again.

It’s time to speed up your creative iteration and leave wasted time and bloated processes in the space dust.

Social media publishing is available to all Wipster users from today at no extra cost to your current plan, exciting stuff!

Not a Wipster user? Sign up for your 14-day free trial of Wipster and feel the difference a finely-tuned rocketship can do to your marketing strategy.


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