Wipster launches “The Business of Video” program

Video is a powerful tool for conveying messages and inspiring people. And more and more businesses – from scrappy startups to Fortune 500s – are switching on to its exciting potential.

Here at Wipster we believe in-house video production is a crucial part of making a company visible and credible, and that in-house producers deserve all the attention, support and credit they can get. And that's what we’ll be giving them with our 8-week program, ‘The Business of Video’, launching August 5th.

“We recognize that in-house video producers have their own unique set of challenges, and we want to empower them to excel at and find joy in their jobs,” Wipster CEO Rollo Wenlock says.

In our weekly blog posts over the next eight weeks we’ll be providing a wealth of resources created just for in-house video producers. We’ll show you exactly why video is so awesome at every stage of the sales funnel, and offer tips for creating a video that truly inspires your audience. We’ll give you tools for showing your organisation that great video can push creative boundaries and still meet organizational objectives. We’ll also cover video strategies and pitching, measuring ROI for video projects, and how to track success. We’ll bring you insider tips from Wipster users such as Xero, Evernote, and Omni Group who have already embraced in-house video production and other video experts. And of course, there’ll be a few videos in there.

But don’t just listen to us – we think that there are a whole lot of like-minded video producers out there ready to share their own tips and tricks. Join our LinkedIn group 'In-house Video Producers' and get entered to win a sweet t-shirt and other swag. Use #videobiz and let’s connect this burgeoning community.

“The Business of Video” launches on August 5th at wipster.io/blog and In-house Video Producers.