Wipster Inbox

Who doesn’t love the feeling of getting to an empty inbox at the end of a long work day? Now you can get that sweet, sweet feeling of accomplishment from inside Wipster, with Inbox.

The teaser trailer for the Wipster Inbox.

Inbox is your one-stop-shop for all videos shared with you that require attention. Simply click into the task that’s in your inbox, leave your feedback or action any to-do’s, and then mark off as done.

As you invite team members to review content, their Inbox will be activated and provide an overview of videos shared with them that they need to have a look at.

This is especially useful for any clients or regular stakeholders who need an quick insight into feedback they need to provide for the day. Add them as team members (with whatever level of access they need) to unlock Inbox.

Wipster Inbox is just one more way your team can collaborate even closer and more efficiently.

Let us know your thoughts about this feature in the comments below - what other activities would you like to appear in your inbox?