Wipster Image Review has Landed

Exciting news Wipsters! Today we release image review to the world.

First we introduced video review-and-approval, and over the last couple of years we've been busy fine-tuning the ideal video workflow.

Now with over one million videos reviewed on Wipster, it’s time to unleash all the joyful review features you know and love to creatives everywhere.

Upload all your visual media assets in one place and watch as your team’s efficiency skyrockets!

Video and visual creative teams across companies can now work from one central platform; a hub of all your creative work-in-progress.

And what’s the catch? There isn't one. All Wipster accounts now include image review at no extra cost to your existing plan.

What does image review mean for your team?

For Production Companies:

Upload thumbnails, social video imagery and stills for clients to review before final approval. Get storyboards and mood-boards on Wipster and have everyone on the same page right from pre-production.

For Marketing teams:

With Wipster’s across-company licensing, you can also share image review with your entire creative team to ensure designs always stay on brand. Designers, video producers and marketing aficionado’s can all have tiered access to your full range of media assets. Link all your visual campaign media in one place and watch as they all reach approval, ready to be delivered out into the world!

For Agencies:

Design layouts, website concepts, logos, banner ads, presenting visual concepts, social media imagery and partnered video campaign media — collate all your digital assets in one place for clients to access, provide feedback and approve.

Don't have a Wipster account? Get started on a free 14-day trial today! 

There are a number of different updates, explanations and bamboozlements we need to cover for your reading pleasure, so let’s get straight to the Q&A’s.

Q: What image formats can I upload?

A: Currently .jpg, .gif, and .png are the formats you can upload as an image.
You might also be pleased to know that .pdf’s and multi-page .pdf’s are next in line for development.

Q: Let’s talk about $$$. How much does image review cost?

A: The big question, highly anticipated, much wondered about.
Whatever your plan is, you get the same amount of image uploads as video uploads, for no extra cost. That means our $25 a month plan has 5 videos and 5 images, $650 annual plan has 180 videos and 180 images — you catch the drift. Hurrah to us, and to you!

Q: Okay, but what about add-ons?

A: As you know, adding a video to your monthly subscription costs $5, and now that
add-on is an add-on package. Purchasing one add-on will give you one of every media type.

Two for the price of one, what a world we live in. More goodies!

Q: What kinds of images can I upload to Wipster?

A: Anything and everything,

  • Thumbnails
  • Stills
  • Storyboards
  • Photography
  • Concept art
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Illustration
  • Mood-boards
  • Photos of your dog
  • Design assets
  • Etc etc etc.

And because Wipster has unlimited team members, you can invite all the people you work alongside to review their images at no extra cost for your entire team!

Q: Does versioning work for imagery?

A: Absolutely. Just upload the next edit on top of the last image and send out the next version for review. As always, versions are free and unlimited.

Q: I’m on an Enterprise plan, what happens for me?

A: Read about how image review works under your plan here.

Q: Any plans in the works for the ability to separate campaigns into their own folders?

A: Funny you should ask — Subfolders are due for release in a couple of weeks, so get excited for well-organised heaven. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Edit: Subfolders are now available!

Q: Can I see the images on mobile too?

A: Our first priority was to get images working beautifully on our desktop experience (where we find the majority of the hard work gets done). This means that images on mobile are on the way, but are not quite ready to be released yet. We’ll update you as soon as it’s live on our apps and mobile experience.

Edit: Image review on our Apps is now available!

This is just the first step of many as we continue development towards making Wipster your  one-stop-shop for all your creative media feedback and sign-off. Thanks for being part of the Wipster family as we make the journey together!

What will you use image review for in your team? What features are you looking forward to in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below.