Wipster on iOS and Android - Collaborate In Your Pocket

Wipster App available on iOS and Android


Over the last month, two of our finest front-end developers and designers have been hard at work to bring some great new features to your mobile.

And it's all wrapped up in a pretty little app for iOS and Android. Yes, you read that right. Both app's, both available right now! Now you can share, provide feedback, and approve video content while out of the office, all from inside your preferred Apple or Android phone.

Let’s have a look inside your Wipster app experience and check out the new features that will make your life on-the-go even easier.

Mobile Redesign - The Grid

Looks nice huh? Now you can get a quick overview of all the videos in your folder in a luscious grid-view. All your important activity information is right there, including to-do items, total comments, and version number.

Introducing Multi-Share

Thanks to all your feedback on must-have mobile updates, we’ve released multi-share for mobile. Now you can share all of your uploaded videos straight from your phone.

Choose from sharing via email or generated share link, and get more work done while you’re on the move.

Multi-share allows you to select videos in sequence so that stakeholders and clients get them in the exact order you want to send them in - perfect for when you need tiered feedback on multiple uploads.

Comment Redesign and Reply Threads

We’ve got a swish new look when making comments to better suit our desktop experience.

And reply threads got an update too. Reply to a comment on the video and have the entire thread available for you to look over as you add your feedback, making it so much easier to give the right feedback at the right time!

Pro tip: You can also share the chosen video from this view, just click the options in the top right hand corner.


Have clients and stakeholders who need to provide feedback but are often on the go? We've got them covered. Share this update with them and get even better feedback engagement on your latest upload. Busy executives and creatives rejoice!

More to come...

This is just the first iteration of many more. We plan to get back to work on the app very soon to even better optimize your mobile experience. Any feature requests in the meantime? Let us know in the comments below!