Wipster expands, and what is the nudge?

Hi Wipsters,

We have great news – Wipster has a new team member.

Having someone join your company is a momentous occasion. It brings the group together and gives you a chance to do something special. Because we’re a video company, we thought we’d celebrate by getting the gang together on a rainy saturday to make a video.

Kristen Lunman is our new VP Marketing. She comes from a fine pedigree of marketing professionals and we couldn’t be more excited to have her join the team. But, she warned us, she is not the world’s greatest actor. Naturally we gave her a leading role.

We decided to make a film about our newest feature, ‘the nudge’. We wrote a script, storyboarded the action, assigned roles and characters and spent an enjoyable afternoon shooting.

Once we’d got the first edit done, it was straight into Wipster to get the team’s opinion. Many comments and iterations later, we showed the film to a test audience, realised we hadn’t set up the premise, and went back to do some reshoots.

Then we chose music, added sound effects, mixed the audio, did color grading and graphics and it was DONE.

What is the nudge?
Sometimes you invite someone to review your video and just never hear from them (how dare they?). Now you can now click that person’s icon and ‘nudge’ them to pay you some attention and start making some comments.

No matter what industry you’re in, I would urge you to make a video together as a team to get the creative juices flowing. Creating together is one of the great joys of being alive.

Create beautiful video together, Wipsters.

The (now bigger) Wipster team.