The new connected, collaborative video workflow

Brightcove and Wipster announce deeper integration to help companies meet video demand

We’re in the midst of a video content explosion. We’re already aware of the incredible reach and power that video has to educate, engage, and convert viewers.

This demand for engaging content has brought video into the enterprise and instead of solely relying on external agencies, internal video teams are producing content for marketing, product, human resources, training and other business units in-house. Video has become the new document.

In an effort to scale video content, companies have adopted collaborative video workflow tools like Wipster and platforms like Brightcove for publishing and distribution. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve pushed the integration between our two systems even further, providing teams with one shared workspace to collaborate within.

Modern teams, modern workflow

Digital technologies are now catching up with the demand for intuitive, online work environments, and a new era of collaborative tools has begun to take over. Uniting teams within integrated and connected video platforms is the number one easy-win for companies searching for more efficiency and a better user experience as they adopt a video-first mindset across the business.

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By reducing the steps it takes to upload video, review and exchange feedback, sign it off, and publish it to an audience, companies save significant time and resources, allowing team members to remove bottlenecks and actually enjoy the collaborative feedback process.

Your hub for video in the business

Wipster and Brightcove’s partnership saves teams’ time and effort by connecting best-in-class project workflow and publishing all in one workspace. Wipster offers a new Brightcove Look Folder, that gives teams accessible, transparent access to their entire Brightcove Video Cloud to quickly upload footage, b-roll and other content, which then syncs with the Wipster platform for collaborative review and approval. Once your team’s work-in-progress video content reaches the finish-line through Wipster, teams can one-click publish to Brightcove to distribute it to the appropriate audience.


Having all of your video workflow—including your Brightcove library— in one place makes finding footage for reference quick and painless, while also ensuring that everything is securely tracked from the first upload to final download.

Wipster allows teams to intuitively comment directly on top of the frame, making email chains and hour-long circular meetings a thing of the past, and empowering stakeholders to give clear and engaged feedback. Turn those comments into an automated to-do list in editing suites, check them off as the edits are completed, re-upload the new version, and watch feedback turnarounds take hours instead of weeks. Teams finally have transparency on project progression, feedback, and file activity, so that projects maintain momentum and stay on schedule.

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You can also receive your most important video analytics data for immediate feedback on the success of your content. Playback and analytics data from your Brightcove account is aggregated and directly fed back to your Wipster workspace to give you insight into how your video is performing in real-time. Now you have a one-stop-shop for video workflow, collaboration, and success metrics.

We’re excited to share this modern upgrade to your traditional video workflow. Contact us today to connect your Brightcove account with Wipster and see how easy getting video out the door can be.

Still unsure about your video content workflow?

We know that connectivity and collaboration is the key to scaling your video content strategy. But sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees when your team has a disjointed, legacy workflow.

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