Wipster + Adobe Premiere Pro: a Revolution in Collaboration

It’s a fact of life that every professional editor has to share their work with clients. They must leave the comfortable confines of their edit suite and be thrust into a messy world of rendering, encoding, dropboxing and emailing. Until today. 

Our Wipster Review Panel for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC takes the quagmire of review-and-approval and makes it a joy.

Now you can send your edit out to clients for feedback without leaving Premiere Pro, and let Wipster manage the encoding, uploading, sharing and collating of feedback behind the scenes. 

You sit back and relax (or let’s face it, get straight on to another job) in your edit suite and watch as the comments are automatically added as markers on your Premiere Pro timeline.

It’s seamless, smooth, and speedy. It’s a piece of cake.


The most intuitive, Adobe approved, Review Panel on the market

Best-practice review-and-approval built into the industry-leading nonlinear video editor: truly a match made in heaven. 

Revolutionize your workflow and install the free Wipster Review Panel today. 

The Review Panel is available to all subscribed Wipster users (and your first 14 days are on the house). See our pricing here.

Wipster + Premiere Pro: how it works

We harness the rendering power of Adobe Media Encoder to create optimized .h264 files straight off your timeline and with a direct line to our servers. This makes for speedy transfers and playback that’s as smooth as butter.

When the feedback’s in, the reviewer’s comments appear as markers, right on the Premiere Pro timeline, pinpoint-accurate right down to the frame.

So what are you waiting for? Revolutionize your workflow and start using our free Wipster Review Panel today.

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