Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Explainer Videos

Why video?

The average concentration time of a normal person is 8 seconds. It takes 5 to 8 minutes to read a 1000 words article and the human brain assigns more importance to visual assets, so video is the perfect medium to grab the attention of the audience in a short timespan.

Types of video

Mainly there are four types of videos that can help businesses and websites convert customers. These are Explainer Videos, How-To Videos, Testimonials and Product Demos.

  • Explainer videos are crafted for explaining a process or product to direct towards a purchase, and they should be short and precise.
  • How-To videos describe a method or process, such as DIY videos, or installing  software. These kind of videos can reduce the workload of support or helpline of the company.
  • Testimonial/case study videos show the credibility of the business with clients or customers talking about the efficiency of the business and what their success with the services.
  • Product Demos are similar to How-To videos, demonstrating the  product and how it will be beneficial to the buyer. SaaS companies which do not provide a free trial are more likely to add a product demo.

Amongst these categories, Explainer Videos can increase conversion rates significantly.

Some brief guidelines and best practices to promote good ROI:

  • Make it short
  • Use a good and compelling thumbnail
  • Include a Call to Action in the video to convert the traffic to leads.
  • Include subtitles where possible

Why Explainer Videos?

Trust and credibility: A good explainer video should educate and engage a customer, with the goal to guide them further down the sales funnel. Well crafted explainer videos give your company trust and credibility and make your audience feel empowered to make a purchase.

More information in short span: As per Forrester Research, a moment of video is worth 1.8 Million words. With this in mind videos are that much powerful in conveying the right message to your potential customers.

Boost conversion and sales: Explainer videos are known to increase conversions on landing pages — sometimes significantly, such as in Crazy Egg's case which increased conversions by 64%.

SEO and ranking: By watching videos, visitors spend more time on your webpage. This will add more SEO value to the website and increase the search visibility and ranking.

Brand and personality: Explainer videos are also a great opportunity to share your brand voice.

Here's more information on Explainer Videos to fuel your fire!


Author bio: Jaseem is the Founder and CEO of Wowmakers. Video marketing enthusiast, soccer lover and loves to make everyone happy. Beware, he can be annoyingly happy all the time! TwitterLinkedinEmail