We're all Wipsters now

‘It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg.’
— C.S Lewis

If you've been using the app formerly known as WIP in the last few days, you'll likely have noticed a few changes. Beyond the obvious addition of four more letters on the end of our name, we've rewritten much of the wiring that powers our app, developed a whole new brand and built a new front-facing site from scratch. We did this now because we want Wipster to be ready for the future, so we’ve cleared the decks of the things that were holding us back. Needless to say, we're rather happy with how it's gone.

We'd been mulling over the change from WIP to Wipster for a few months, as far back as our stint in the Lightning Lab early in the year. Like a lot of early-stage companies, we found we could only really settle on the way we look to the world once we'd properly come to grips with the way we look to ourselves. It sounds a little hackneyed, but we needed to figure out what we believed. It's foolish to think these things are obvious, or that they're something you figure out early on and never think about again. They need to be worked on just like any other part of your company, the perpetual work-in-progress.

It was mostly a case of crystallising the values we knew we all shared but could never quite define. The process involved doing what none of us particularly enjoy doing and writing it all down, starting with a whiteboard and reducing it to a simple statement. And yes, we've gone as far as figuring out which celebrity Wipster would be if it was a person (the answer to which we will never reveal). Once that was done we could design the logo, build the brand and finally hit the switch. And now we arrive, Wipsters henceforth.

We're a little sad to see WIP go. It's been with us from day one, and though it made a certain sense as a brand, as we discovered how to talk about the product we were building, we found it a little clunky to work with. It would seem it's not that easy to talk about work-in-progress videos when our name IS work-in-progress videos. Lessons are learned every day.

Wipster frees us up in that and many other ways. For us it's a statement of self-identification, a name that encompasses not just the company but also the people we're building this tool for (rest assured the 'I am a Wipster' T-shirts are mere days away). Where our former branding reflected the tool itself, Wipster is the expression of the joyfulness that using the tool can provide. We truly believe that our users make better and more creative work with Wipster, and we want that reflected in everything we create. This means the logo, the app, the website, even the branded stationery (don’t worry, it’s coming).

So if you're reading this in-situ you might have noticed rather a lot has changed on the site. Actually, everything has. We're a video company, so we wanted to create a place where video was king. If you hit play at the top of the home page you'll see how far we went with that. We also wanted to make a place that felt like it was a part of the future (challenge for developers: see if you can find a CSS sprite anywhere on the site). When we started to plan Wipster.io we were careful to never let technology get in the way of ideas. If it really is an amazing idea then figuring out how technology will make it work is never as hard as coming up with the idea in the first place.

Of course, it's far from being finished. Over the next few months we'll turn our attention back to the core of the Wipster experience, building the long list of ideas sitting on the Wipster V.1 Trello board and talking to Wipsters the world over about what you need to make Wipster better for you.

Being able to do all this is a marvellous thing, and we're eternally grateful for the sparkling interactions with our user base that give the whole app life. If you're not already in that user base, we suggest you rectify it immediately. These are exciting times, the going's all rather cheap while the Beta's running, and the app is a greater experience every day (in our humble opinions). You can get it all sorted right here. We might even send you a T-shirt if you ask us nicely.

See you in the future,
Wipster HQ