Finding Your Video Niche - A Recap

One of the main struggles of working in the video production biz seems to be finding the balance between taking on as much work as possible to pay the bills, and doing the kind of work you love. Deciding what kind of videos you want to make, and what clients you want to attract plays a large role in getting things right.

In our Finding Your Video Niche webinar, Rollo Wenlock, CEO of Wipster, and Amina Moreau from Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling, shared with us some of their ideas on why and how specialisation in your chosen subject can optimise your business and increase your value as a video creative.

Want to know all their thoughts on finding your video niche? You can watch the full webinar for free (see below) but first, we’ve recapped the highlights to bring you the top 5 nuggets of wisdom from the webinar:

Clients aren’t buying you, they’re buying your ability to make anything and that’s the real issue between having a niche and being general.
— Rollo Wenlock
Take a moment and think back to the projects that you loved and projects that you hated. Not only will it give you a lot of business related insights, but personal insight as well.
— Amina Moreau
The whole point of a niche, whether you’re a company or not, is that it’s your personal brand that people are buying into. Your brand is expressed through how you present yourself and the work that you do.
— Rollo Wenlock
It’s much more valuable to have one piece of work in your portfolio that sells you the right way, and expresses what your niche is and the kind of work that you want to be doing, than to have 10 or 20 portfolio samples that are all saying the wrong thing about you.
— Amina Moreau
Only present yourself as what you want to be, not who you were or what you are today.
— Rollo Wenlock

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