Video Marketing vs. Storytelling

How to Balance Creativity and Business Objectives

It can feel like an insurmountable task to make a beautiful video that connects with its viewers, while also delivering the right facts and figures to the necessary stakeholders. But there doesn’t have to be a divide between exceptional storytelling and marketing goals - in fact, they’re on the same side!

Join Wipster and Vimeo as we discuss how to balance the creativity of your videos, while also meeting the marketing and business objectives of your company or client. During this exclusive 60 minute webinar, we will share insights on:

  • Creating a beautiful video that your team can be proud of - while meeting those pesky (but not actually that pesky) marketing demands.
  • What successful video engagement, call’s-to-action and analytics look like.
  • Examples of companies kicking storytelling butt while also reaching those important marketing milestones.
  • Why storytelling and marketing aren’t truly mortal enemies, and how they can work together in beautiful harmony.

Ask the speakers questions, chat with other video makers, and be a part of Wipster’s ongoing webinar series. There will also be prizes to giveaway to live viewers on the day.

Creative directors, producers, marketers, account managers - anyone who runs their own production company or is passionate about creating successful videos for business - this webinar is for you!

Numbers are limited, so register today and join us on the 7th of December 3.00PM [EST] for this special event.

(If you can’t join on the day, sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording!)