New features: Updates to the Wipster Review Panel

The recent launch of the Wipster Review Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro ushered in a new way for video teams to collaborate together on projects. Since then we’ve been talking to you all about how to make the experience even better. As a result, we’re excited to announce a host of new features designed to give you the tools needed to get the job done, all from inside your favorite editing suite.

Clip page refresh

Navigate to any video in the panel and you’ll start seeing changes. First up, hover over the thumbnail and you’ll notice a scrubbable preview of the whole clip. It makes it super easy to scan clips and makes sure you’re looking at the right edit. We’ve also packed in more information behind the info button, giving you access to deeper viewer data.

The to-do list

Wipster’s beautiful, automated to-do list is now viewable right inside Premiere Pro. You can reference a snapshot frame, keep track of changes, reply to comments and check off to-dos, all without leaving your edit suite. No more switching back to the browser for context; just click on the comment or thumbnail and be taken directly to that frame in your synced editing timeline.

*Pro tip: Use the new @mentions and team-only commenting features to get the attention of team members, assign tasks, and chat privately without bothering your clients.

View comments from previous versions

With the new version switcher you can reference all the feedback from previous versions within the context of your most up-to-date edit. It’s great for double checking that every last request has been taken care of before sending off the final version for delivery.

Custom render presets

Editors and clients all have their favorite export settings. Now you can save your own render presets into the Wipster Review Panel which will then appear as a custom option any time you’re uploading an edit.

Get the latest version and watch the demo

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