Top 5 Vimeo Influencers

We've been die-hard fans of Vimeo and its incredible community of creators long before we announced our partnership. This talented community has some exceptional filmmakers influencing and inspiring others with their original work and dedication to the craft. Feeling particularly inspired ourselves after our recent announcement, we thought it was about time we highlight some of our favorite Vimeo creators, each helping to make the internet a better place.

Gnarly Bay

Gnarly Bay continue to produce inspiring films and client content across a range of subjects and tones. They also remind us that being a creative business is not just about making a profit, it’s also about pursuing your own artistic goals: not only do they produce gorgeous, thoughtful pieces for their raft of high-profile clients, but they continue their own creative development by taking a few weeks each year to work on their a-grade passion projects.

Katy Perry, Mike and Ike, Starbucks, and Mumford & Sons are just a few of Gnarly Bay’s clients. Their videos have garnered over 3 million views, they have 11.5k followers on Vimeo alone, and did we mention that seven of their creations have been selected as Vimeo Staff Picks?

The Gnarly Bay guys are part of the Story & Heart Academy of Storytellers which shares free tutorials with Vimeo Video School, showing their commitment to growing the filmmaker community.


BRTHR is 25-year-olds Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman. While a lot of people their age are just embarking on their career path, Alex and Kyle and their distinctive psychedelic style are cutting through the music and film industry at speed.

Their work has evolved from a viral slo-mo take on the classic Tokyo travel video, to music videos for international music artists such as The Weeknd and Foster the People, and their now-iconic visuals for Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball performance at the 2013 American Music Awards.

With their 10 staff picks and 6.4k followers, BRTHR has made their mark on the Vimeo filmmaking community. And their popularity shows no signs of waning: their visual style and impressive growth as young creators continues to wow their fans.

Matty Brown

Whenever Matty is mentioned on Vimeo, comments about his distinctive and inspirational directing style abound. It’s clear that the Vimeo community loves – and is seriously inspired by – this talented filmmaker.

And Matty finds inspiration in them too, as shown in his Vimeo Experience video. As of mid-2015 he had the most staff picks of any Vimeo creator which attests to his incredible sense for storytelling and filmmaking.

After six years of creating beautiful stories on Vimeo, Matty has given no indication of slowing down. He’s featured on nofilmschool as the “King of Transitions” and also helps filmmakers build their skills through a Vimeo Video School/Story & Heart partnership – including an entire tutorial on being ‘Inside Matty Brown’s Mind’.


CANADA is an international collective of directors and producers who create impressive music videos and commercials. They’ve worked with big name clients such as Vogue, Scrabble (yes, the board game), Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Diesel – and that was just in 2015.

But their standouts on Vimeo are their music videos. Vimeo staff chose CANADA’s music video for The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala as the Vimeo best music video of 2015; and it’s clear why: from the concept to the colours, graphics, animation and filming, it’s a work of art from start to finish.

As much as you should watch this music video, it could be considered a little bit NSFW! 

Boasting 20.5k followers and over 2.5 million views of their bold, ingeniously crafted music videos, CANADA is a force to be reckoned with.

Terje Sorgjerd/TSO Photography

Arguably the time lapse that started it all. TSO Photography’s premise is simple: beautiful nature photography sped up. It’s a simple premise done very well, and which has certainly left a mark on Vimeo community history.

Sorgjerd’s second ever upload, the mesmerizing ‘The Mountain’, is one of the most viewed videos in Vimeo history and was covered by a bunch of publications, including the Daily MailWall Street Journaland The Guardian.

His distinct filming style mixed with specially composed music is clearly a winning combination: each of his videos on Vimeo has reached over one million views.

Those are our current favorite creators on Vimeo; we’d love to know some of your top picks – list them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check them out.