Top 5 Video Marketing Trends

Highlights from the Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon Podcast

Wipster Founder and CEO Rollo Wenlock recently joined the conversation on the Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon Podcast, hosted by filmmakers Alexander Elkins and Brandon Faris.

The guys discussed a range of video topics and trends, increasingly lubricated by the goodness of Four Roses Bourbon. Here are our highlights, with links to the full podcast below.

1)    Image quality is irrelevant

The recent obsession with image quality is fading away. It’s easy to buy into the 4k/8k hype, but get too caught up in it and you risk neglecting the things that really make a successful video.

Rather than worrying about what resolution it’s being shot at, clients are wondering “what is the concept behind the video?” and “what is the story?”. So: image quality is out the door; it’s time to refocus on what’s important.

Rollo Wenlock: “The majority of video content is getting compressed anyway, so it really doesn't matter if it was shot in 4k.”

2)    If you're not entertaining, then you're not allowed to educate

It can be anything – it can be deep, dramatic, funny, or emotional, but in today’s increasingly saturated media landscape, if you don't make an effort to capture people's attention then your video will be dead in the water.

RW: “If you’re not thinking about entertainment, you're not even going to get the audience, which is the first step to getting people to care about what you are saying.”

3)    The corporate video is dead. Long live the business movie

Businesses and video makers are coming to terms with the idea that corporate videos do not work. If you want to use video to do any kind of business, then talking heads are not going to cut it; you need to spend time on the story and figure out why people should care about what you’re saying.

RW: “If someone who doesn’t give a sh** about what we’re selling watches this video and has a good time, then that video is successfull.”

4)     Every video will be original and creative

Following on from our last point, an increasing number of clients are not only understanding the value of original and creative video content, but are coming to expect it from videographers.

RW: “There is a big movement of clients understanding that they have got to do that. They are now wanting it, which is a huge progression.”

With more clients gaining and appreciating a creative vision, great value will be placed on the filmmakers with the strongest creative concepts.

Brandon Faris: “We will start to see every project become more and more original and creative”

5)     If you don’t have video, you’re not going to be seen

RW: “The companies that pump out tons of short form entertainment with a message, they’re going to be the ones that absolutely kill it.”

Because that’s all people want. When you look at the rise of video playback on Facebook, it’s already outstripped Youtube, the engagement is way higher and it’s all video. You need it, and you need a lot of it.”

BF: “The content’s getting better, the tools are getting better, the cameras are getting better, everything is pushing to a place in history where telling a story dynamically, beautifully and in a cinematic way is easier than ever, and there is no excuse for any company along the way not to get on board.”

There you have it, the latest video marketing trends, according to Rollo and the guys at FDB podcast. We’d love to hear you thoughts on these, or other video trends, in the comments below.

Stream or download the full FDB podcast, as they discussed a range of industry happenings, including the exciting future of Wipster. Hear it via iTunes, or direct from soundcloud: 

Lastly, a big thanks to Alex and Brandon for having us on the show.