The Best Mid-Funnel Videos That Help Build Trust In A Business

Marketers have been using videos to generate qualified leads and drive conversions for a while now. They are used to assist the consumer through the marketing funnel. A typical buyer’s journey begins with a need and ends with its fulfillment. The different stages a buyer passes through on this journey from discovering your products to becoming a regular customer is known as a marketing funnel.

The conventional marketing funnel has three different stages:

  • Awareness Stage: This is the when the consumer discovers a need that has to be fulfilled and starts looking for information on ways to satisfy the need.

  • Consideration Stage: This is when the consumer has discovered a solution and is evaluating the options available for the best solution.

  • Decision Stage: At this stage, the consumer has narrowed down the choice and is ready to commit but needs a little encouragement to do so.

video marketing and sales funnel

At every stage of the marketing funnel, the user’s understanding of the problem and its solution changes as does the information that is required. At present, many video marketers concentrate only on the top of the marketing funnel and use only explainer videos, while ignoring the other stages. This may not be the right approach as videos can effectively contribute to every stage of a prospect’s journey- by educating, convincing and converting them. Consider these statistics:

  • Surveys and statistics claim an 80% rise in traffic if a video is added to a landing page.

  • 64% users are more inclined to buy online after watching a video.

  • An e-commerce page that features a video enhances order value by at least 50%.

  • Emails that contain videos have a 200-300% increase in open and click-through rates.

Videos have a special role to play at the mid-funnel stage of evaluation when the consumer is researching available options. At this stage, they require information about how your product works and what the general view of the industry is, which can help the user make informed decisions. This can also help to build trust between the brand and the user.

Best types of mid-funnel videos

In the mid-funnel stage, when the user is looking for information to find the best solution, the videos that are most helpful include:

  • Demo videos

  • Case studies

  • Webinars

Demo Videos

Before committing to buy a product, prospects want to know all they can about the product. A demo video gives information about your product, all its features, and its USP. It gives a step-wise process of how to use a product or service making it easy for the consumer to understand its working and usefulness. Demos as mid-funnel videos work great for both technical services and products where it is easier to demonstrate all the features via audio-visual media.

This video for collaboration and team messaging app Slack is a good example of all that a demo video should be. It explains how to use the app and speaks about its important features. It has a clean design which is pleasing to the eye and uncluttered. The video is accompanied with upbeat music and a voiceover that help to improve attention and retention. Its presentation is slick and concise.

Case Studies

There is nothing more powerful than showing by example. This is what a case study does- it shows the audience how the company or brand achieved success in a particular situation. The traditional way of presenting a case study was a written report. It was lengthy and often boring. Most people did not want to read them. The video format gave case studies life and made them instantly interesting and watchable. Case studies as mid-funnel videos are considered one of the most effective methods of content marketing. They evoke trust and authenticity. Rather than you blowing your own trumpet, others talk about you, the problem they faced, its solution and the benefits of using your product/service.

One standout example of a mid-funnel video as a case study is by Invoca. The video films a user talking about the call tracking and analytics solution and how it helped his company improve their marketing efforts. The video talks of the problem the company faced with dropouts at various levels of the sales funnel and how using Invoca gave them better insights into their customer’s journey and an opportunity to connect with the customers via phone calls to improve their conversions and ROI. The user describes the various features of the software and gives examples of how they used it for their own company. Pleasant upbeat music background adds to the entire feel of the video.


Webinars are an excellent way to build trust and connect with the users. They are the perfect mid-funnel video marketing vehicle as they educate the audience by connecting them with a subject expert who provides credible information and hard facts that are so important at the consideration stage. They definitely offer more value than other such lead generation magnets. They help to establish your brand as a trustworthy resource and help to create qualified leads. Webinars are highly engaging, offer excellent value and are great at retaining viewer’s attention. Moreover, webinars can be repurposed and reused for other content. Webinars need to be promoted and one of the best ways is through email which leads to a landing page.

A good example of a webinar landing page would be SEMRush. The headline is clear and speaks of the benefits of the webinar. The ATF section is bold and contains clickable icons to the main participants’ intro pages. The CTA buttons stand out and are hard to miss. They are well-placed on the top and bottom of the page. The page format is clean and the font easy to read with a lot of white space so each section stands out. Right at the bottom is a scroll list of other webinars from the series to make it easy for the viewers to access previous webinars easily.

Wrapping up...

Before committing to buy, prospects need to see the value that they derive from the purchase and should be able to trust the company or brand. Mid-funnel video marketing can provide information that would help the users to understand the value of the product in a very attractive and retentive manner. It is also an opportunity to showcase the knowledge and expertise, thus creating authority for the brand which eventually leads to consumer trust and loyalty, which are the defining factors for repeat purchases. Utilizing all the marketing opportunities is essential and we have just shown how mid-funnel videos can be used effectively for conversions.

About the author:

Koushik Marka is the founder and CEO of Studiotale, an explainer video production company. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing, 2D animation and Vector Illustration. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.