Shopify’s Video Marketing Secrets: Lessons from a Successful Tech Startup

Startups are famed for their fast-paced environment, open-door policies, and ability to get s#$t done. So how does a company keep their startup edge as they expand to over 2000 employees? For Shopify, innovation remains central to their company's success, and this is especially apparent in their video marketing strategy.

As a trailblazing startup, Shopify never shied away from producing video and established a strong video first mentality. But their ability to continue to expand their use of video throughout their growth, keep their transparent open doors culture, push new ideas and be experimental, while involving their entire company in the success of their video strategy makes them a company to admire.

In this case study we’ll discuss how Shopify:

  • Keeps their communication open and honest (with hundreds of stakeholders)

  • Manages and executes new video ideas from every facet of their company

  • Encourages an environment that allows for experimentation and the ability to fail safely

  • Optimizes and streamlines their video production workflow

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