Pricing Update February 2017 – Unlimited Team Members

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Happy new year, Wipsters!

2016 was massive for Wipster customers: we overhauled your project screen, released an exclusive integration with Vimeo, and launched the fully integrated review panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Then came a bunch more updates and finally the Slack integration – all in the name of making your Wipster experience even more efficient – and fun.

We’ve got plenty planned for 2017; we'll bring you multi-asset support, iOS and Android apps, SSO, scheduling, and more integrations with the platforms and software you love. To reflect all these new features, we’ve updated the pricing structure, with the added benefit of better reflecting how you, our customers, actually use Wipster.

Anybody who gets feedback on their videos can benefit from Wipster. It increases our efficiency, reduces the number of meetings, and helps us get to a better result, faster.
— Patrick Moreau, Stillmotion

Q: So what’s new?

Unlimited team members, unlimited reviewers, unlimited versions – for everyone.


We’ve talked to thousands of Wipster users about how they use our product, and the overwhelming response has been that you want your whole company to get the full Wipster experience – so now you get unlimited team members on every pricing plan. Everyone you collaborate with can access our integrations, team features like @mentioning and team-only commenting, and all the usual Wipstery goodness. As always, every price plan gets unlimited reviewers and unlimited version stacking of your video assets. 

Q: How has the pricing changed?

We’ve expanded our pricing tiers to better suit your monthly needs.

Visionary companies turn to Wipster for creative review

Here’s the overview:

  • Until the 10th of March EST/PST you can check out the plans and decide which one is best for you before the new pricing plan comes into effect.
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to pay annually, and get yourself two months a year free (if you want this immediately, send us an email at support@wipster.io and we'll set you up).

  • You can upgrade to the next tier based on your video upload requirements for the month.

  • Only new videos are counted in your uploads – versions of current videos and videos from previous months aren’t included.

  • Having your whole team on your account won’t cost you another cent.


Q. Why have you moved away from pay-per-seat pricing?

Since we first launched Wipster we’ve tried a few different pricing structures – the last one being pay-per-seat. Since then we’ve analysed millions of data points around how you use Wipster, and found that limiting team members wasn’t helping you – by making 'add a team member' a difficult choice, we were hurting your creative process.

Turns out, the most important metric is always video. The more successful you are, the more videos you make, and it makes sense to charge based on this. What shouldn’t get in the way is having to decide who is and isn’t in the company account.

Q. When does the new pricing come into effect?

Until 10th of March EST/PST you can continue with pay-per-seat while you check out the new plans and decide which one suits you best. To say thanks for being a Wipster customer, we’ll automatically apply a 50% discount to the first month of your new plan. To ensure there are no interruptions to your Wipster account, make sure you select your new pricing plan before 10th of March EST/PST (we'll send you a reminder closer to the time).

Also, from today you can add as many team members as you'd like at no extra cost – no matter what plan you're currently on. 

Q. How do I pay annually?

On every tier, annual pricing will give you two months free each year – so you can pay $65 monthly, or $650 annually.

You’ll be able to access annual subscriptions in your billing tab soon – we’ll send you a message within the Wipster app when it’s available. If you’d like to switch to annual pricing right away, please contact support@wipster.io and we’ll sort that out for you.

Q. How do I access the new pricing tiers?

Head to Billing in the app and choose your pricing plan. You’ll also see a bunch of updates to your billing tab to give you more clarity on usage.

Wipster makes it so much easier to manage feedback, all in one place. Everyone can see what’s happening without this big mass email train.
— Matt Wiebe, Shopify

Q. What’s happening with Vimeo pricing?

Read our article about this here.

Q. My team is on the enterprise plan, what’s changed for me?

Essentially, nothing! A Wipster team member will have already contacted your account holder about this, but please drop us a line if you have any other queries.

Q. I’m on an old account from before pay-per-seat pricing. What happens to my subscription?

Read our support article about the changes here.

I’ll review about 80% of what we produce around the world. So if that’s 400 pieces of content a year, that’s a fair amount. That’s what’s great about reviewing on Wipster, it’s never a problem.
— Pat Macfie, Xero

Q. I want to know more – who can I talk to?

We’re always happy to talk more – send us an email at support@wipster.io.

We’re so excited to bring you more of the good stuff as we upgrade, integrate and optimize Wipster throughout 2017. Thanks for being part of the Wipster family.

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