Organizational Heaven: Subfolders, UI Changes + More

Another week, another feature update. That’s just how we roll at Wipster.

After hundreds (literally hundreds!) of feature requests for subfolders, we can finally announce its release into the world.

First things first, we’re sorry this didn’t happen earlier (remember all those other great feature releases we’ve been doing?), but hey, better late than never!

And all that time means it’s now a well-oiled machine.

Start organizing with the dreamy drag-and-drop function, and watch as all your images and videos fit nicely into separate campaigns or review stages.

Then transfer entire folders or groups of media assets from one project to another with the Move button.

We have reached well-organized heaven! Doesn’t it feel great.

Global Search

Our dearest Senior Developer Jimmi worked hard on this one. Have you used it yet?

Lost a folder or asset? Plug in any folder names or media asset titles and Global Search will scour your account for a match. Phew, there it is!

New Look and Feel

If you’ve been on the App in the last month or so you would have noticed this one. We covered the details of the change to the UI here which you can check out if you want to know the nuts and bolts.

Essentially, we’ve moved all the reviewer and team member information into a swish sidebar that can expand and drop away when required.

The to-do list got a rehaul too, with smaller icons (thanks to all your feedback!) and a better layout which makes it easier to scroll through, reply to comments, and complete tasks.

More to come!

We have another release next week, so keep your eye out for more updates, emails and popups from us to let you know when it’s live. We can’t wait to share more features and updates with you as we keep optimizing the Wipster experience.

As always, thanks for being a part of the Wipster family. See you in seven days!