New Features January 2017: Advanced Desktop Notifications, Commenting Redesign

Bring in the new year with some new features for you on Wipster!

As far as updates go, this is a small but pretty nifty update aimed at optimizing what you already love.

So let's check out what's new this month.

Advanced Desktop Notifications

We know that your time is important, and having to check your account and videos constantly for updates can be time-consuming. Now it’s a breeze with our new Wipster desktop notifications, giving your team a new level of real-time collaboration and visibility across your account. Once you enable it in your settings, you'll be receiving content-rich notifications displayed to you in real-time, with links to take you directly to the specific activity - whether that be to reply to a comment or viewing a new version.  

To enable the desktop notifications, go to your account settings and click the notifications tab. Simply just click the "Enable Notifications" button and choose the notifications types you want to receive, just like so:

For more detailed explanations on how each notification is activated, check out our support guide.

And don't forget, we still offer Slack notification integration as well if you want to receive the notifications in your preferred Slack channel.

Commenting Redesign

You may have noticed this one recently, as we rolled this one out a couple weeks ago. While it might not massively change your life, it sure looks nice right?

We've updated our commenting system and introduced a new user friendly and sleek design that highlights key commenting functions clearly. We've also done work behind the scenes for optimized and standardized commenting, setting the groundwork for multi asset review and approval. All the same commenting tools and features such as team member @mentioning and emoji support are still there but now it’s easier for us to implement new features in the future. Exciting times!

Start your 14-day free trial today to test these new features out and make Wipster part of your creative workflow!