NAB 2014 and the inside/outside world of Las Vegas, Nevada

The even heat is what hit me first in Las Vegas. Then the quiet and the calm. Well, quiet and calm compared to LA. Immediately the scale of the place begins to play tricks with you. The short trip from the airport to hotel was a surprise, as was the miniature size of the strip. All this compared with the biblical scale of the desert I’d just crossed to get here.

Las Vegas has no rain. Everything that’s outside is built as if it’s inside, and everything that’s inside is build as if it’s outside. It’s been called an adult’s Disneyland, but there’s really no need to be so hard on Disneyland. I call it a fever-dream that’s the by-product of eating too much cheese.

I’d come to this place for the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). It’s the world’s biggest conglomeration of video/film hardware and software companies, all under one roof for three days.

I wanted to go there to find out for all you Wipsters just what’s happening in the world of video making in the cloud. I interviewed all the companies that are pushing as hard as they can to leverage what the cloud has to offer to us video creatives, and see what new and interesting technology we should be embracing.

We spoke to some very eloquent people who had some great nuggets for us. You can watch the interview series here.

Thoughts from NAB
The common thread was the need to get people working together in centralised places (read: private/public cloud) and create workflows that make sense to different users and use cases.

We’re still a few steps away from full video production in the cloud, but we can now easily collaborate in the cloud to get work completed in a timely fashion. Most companies that offer cloud storage and asset management are looking at how they can get their clients working together in the cloud. They understand that it’s easier and you actually have a better experience. Technology is great if it gets rid of some friction, and it’s magnificent if it manages to add a little joy at the same time. The best tech creates whole new experiences that far surpass those they are replacing.

But it’s not all roses. What I realised at NAB is that there are still gaps in the process. There’s still a need for super-intuitive video workflow and collaborative platforms that are both powerful, and super-easy for clients and video makers to use. We’re pleased to be a part of this with Wipster.

But back to Vegas … It was somewhere past 11pm and I was walking through the last casino in the line; I watch another middle-aged man smoking a cigar with the unease of someone who knows his luck is out and it isn’t coming back. All the smoke makes his eyes water, his face absorbs all that extra fluid with the efficiency of worn out dish-cloth. He threw in his last chips and gulps back the last of his bourbon and coke. House wins. He pulls his bones up out of his chair and staggers back to the elevator. He’s back in his room overlooking the desert, dark and cool like nothing in this town ever is. Maybe tomorrow he’ll go out there in a safari truck with an assault rifle and shoot some empty bottles. He wishes his dog were here. I reach for another piece of cheese…