Pretty Darn Fancy - Multi-Page PDF is now available on Wipster

Published: October 4 2017

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for! The number of feature requests on this release has been massive over the last few months, and we’re excited to finally announce that the holy trinity of review is here.

Video, image, and now Multi-Page PDF is available to review and approve on Wipster.

That’s right, no lonely one-page PDF uploads around here! Storyboards, design layouts, moodboards, brochures, website mockups, ebooks, proposals; upload all your campaign assets and work-in-progress for feedback in one central Wipster hub.

PDF-Review (1).png

This is just version 1 of a continually evolving PDF beast, so let’s take a deeper look into what’s included in this update.

Go Multi-Page Crazy

Whatever pages you can throw at us, we’ll take it! Your 1000 page zombie apocalypse passion project may take a little longer to load though.

PDF-ProjectThumbnail (1).png

Upload your document, share, and let the comments roll in. All the usual Wipster features you know and love will make your next project a breeze.

Zoom and Jump

Use our new and improved zoom dropdown options to get granular on your feedback. And get to the right spot with the page choice option in the top left, either by typing in the page number or flicking through the arrows.

PDF-Zoom (1).png

To-Do List Revamp - Filters and Page Order

Whether or not you use multi-page PDF, you’ll love this next feature update.

PDF-TextFilter (1).png

Filter the comments you receive using keywords or @mentions. Drill down to the exact “color” themed feedback you need or chase up John for not completing those 3 tasks!

PDF-PageOrder (1).png

While reviewing comments that come in, select page order or newest comments first. Unnecessary scrolling is for chumps!

PDF-NewComments (1).png

Finally, try this combo for workflow heaven. Select “incomplete comments” on the top right, then use filtered keywords to find specific tasks or comments that haven’t yet been ticked off.

PDF-TaskFilter (1).png

Want to know more? Here are the Q&A’s:

Q: How does multi-page PDF fit into my current plan?

A: Whatever your plan is, you get the same amount of PDF uploads as video uploads or image uploads, for no extra cost. That means our $25 a month plan has 5 videos, 5 images, and 5 PDF’s.
(Edited 2018: All storage plans have PDF availability with no limits to number of uploads, your chosen storage GB amount is the only number you need to keep an eye on.)

Q: What about multi-page PDF and add-ons? 

A: (This is information relating to our 2017 legacy per-upload pricing model)
Our $5 add-on is a full media asset package. This means that for $5 you get 1 add-on video, 1 add-on image and 1 add-on PDF, all wrapped up nice.


Q: How many pages can I upload onto Wipster?

A: As many as you like, as long as it fits into our general file size limit of 12GB.

Q: Does versioning work for PDF?

A: Yes! Stack updated versions of your PDF on top of each other as you usually do.

Q: Is PDF available on your iOS and Android apps?

A: We wanted to get PDF out of our hot little hands and into yours ASAP, so that means PDF on your mobile is not yet available but it’s on its way! We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available on your app.

We’re super excited to bring you multi-page PDF and we’ve given your PDF review-and-approval process that little Wipster touch to make your day as seamless as possible. Upload your first PDF today and test out this massive new feature for yourself.

Not a Wipster user? Sign up for your 14-day free trial today, upload a multi-page PDF and feel the Wipster difference!