The Mighty Address Book - Feature Update

As promised, 7 days have passed and at 1pm (14 July NZT) today we will be releasing another feature update for you!

(If you missed last weeks massive update, check it out here.)

This time the address book will be receiving the warm touch of Wipster love.

If we’re completely honest, we’re excited to be releasing this update for ourselves — the address book was definitely needing a bit of TLC.

Let’s see what you'll be able to do with your new and improved mighty address book!

Add and edit contacts

It’s time to get your contacts in order! Add all your regular clients or stakeholders and make sure everyone in your team has access to the most recent information.

And edit those you already have in your address book. Mess up their email? Never fear! Just pop into the address book and give it a tweak.

You’ll notice a new information inputs. With contact phone numbers your entire team will have one central hub to get be able to call a client personally.

Bulk delete

Who in the world is AtomWoman15? Or John Smith? And you haven’t worked with that client in 2 years since The Incident.

Now you can go through your contacts list, select the ones you don’t need anymore, and delete them all in one-fell-swoop. None of this one-by-one nonsense.

Search contact

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom for Zachary Zephyr, just search for him in the top bar.

Inviting reviewers has never been easier

All of your team’s contacts in the address book are automatically suggested as you go to share a media asset.

So getting your address book in ship-shape will help your share and review process — as well as helping you achieve a general zen-like state of mind.

Even more to come!

We’re not kidding when we say regular feature updates are just how we roll now. On the 24th of July we have another massive release that we’re excited to share with you! Keep an eye out  👀

Grateful for the soon-to-be released update to the address book? Looking forward to arranging your contacts into a zen-like state? Let us know in the comments below — your feedback gives us the juice to keep on keeping on!