Meerkat & Periscope - Part 3

Execute your live video streaming and close out with a great follow-up.


While planning your stream is important, in terms of execution, going too overly corporate or pre-arranged can destroy your chance for genuine conversation. If you find yourself moving towards sales-pitch mode, or more corporate dialogue, you’re unlikely to come across as an approachable, social company. Given the heavy social skew of both platforms, this is not being considerate of your audience, and unlikely to win you fans.

Some quick tips:

  • Have a plan, but be willing to Improvise! - Take questions, respond to comments, etc
  • Be genuine - would you speak this way to a friend? Keep dialogue fun & casual
  • No lying - lying is one of the quickest ways to permanently damage your brand. Don’t.
  • Embrace the awkward - sometimes you’re going to fumble on a word, or misplace something you wanted to show off on the stream. Don’t stress too much! Instead, acknowledging the awkward moment, or otherwise making a playful joke at your own expense can help you get past temporary missteps and help humanize your stream.

When you get near the end of your stream, don’t be afraid to ask people to follow you if they enjoyed the content! Sometimes the best way to get new followers is as simple as adding a call to action and asking.


Have a great session? Make sure to do a quick follow-up.

Some ways to follow-up:

  • Follow other great streamers and/or commenters
  • Reach out to commenters via Twitter to say thank you
  • Post the video of your session to other channels
  • Let your community know when your next live streaming session will be
  • Thank any special guests
  • Write a blog post to expand on the topics discussed, link to your session and let your viewers know when you’ll be running another session.

Questions & Comments?

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