How to Use the Wipster Review Panel in Premiere Pro 2015.3

First up, let's watch the video tutorial!

Now that you have watched the full video tutorial, let’s review some key points you can use when using the Wipster Review Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.3.

Download the Extension Manager CC.

Don’t forget to install the Extension Manager CC in Adobe Creative Cloud before you download the Wipster Review Panel! If you don’t have the extension manager, the Wipster Panel will not be visible when you open Premiere Pro. Secondly, before you download the Wipster Review Panel, make sure that “File Syncing” is turned on within your Adobe Creative Cloud account preferences. I ran into both these issues myself, so now you don’t have to!

Make sure you know where your custom export presets are saved.

With the new 1.2.6 Wipster Panel Update, you can add custom export presets, such as a preset that contains a watermark or name overlay. But before you can add custom presets into your Wipster Panel you must first create and save your own presets using the general media export settings within Premiere. Adobe’s custom export presets are saved in your “Documents” > “Adobe” > “Adobe Media Encoder” folder. All presets are saved with a file extension of “.epr.”

When discussing video edit requests with your client, keep these three things in mind:

  • Never discount the client’s feedback, even when it is rooted in an emotion or feelings. It’s good that they are feeling something, videos should evoke emotion! If they say they don’t like something, there is always a rational behind it.
  • Ask your client to give an example of what they are aiming for. This will help you make your next edit!
  • Be a master of negotiation and problem solving! These are your secret weapons as video editors.

Lastly, always have a dog next to you when you edit. Your loyal friend will be there to comfort you during the review process! 

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