Finding your video niche

Why specialisation can help fuel your video business

Working in the video production biz can be a difficult path. Juggling clients and their needs, getting the right gear, managing employees, ensuring work keeps flowing in, keeping your creativity fresh - it’s intense but can be rewarding if you get it right.

Part of getting it right, is deciding what kind of videos you want to make, and what clients you want to attract. The struggle seems to be the balance between taking on as much work as possible to grow your business and pay the bills, and doing the kind of work you love.

Join Wipster and Stillmotion as we discuss Finding Your Video Niche: Why Specialization Can Help Fuel Your Video Business.

Rollo Wenlock from Wipster and Amina Moreau from Stillmotion and Muse Storytelling will share the what, why and how of specializing in your chosen subject in order to optimize your business and increase your value (and your company’s value) as a video creative.

Ask the speakers questions, chat with successful video makers, and be a part of the first webinar in an upcoming video business series. There will also be special promotions, prizes and valuable resources to giveaway to live viewers on the day.

Creative directors, producers, account managers, founders, editors - anyone who runs their own production company or is passionate about creating successful videos for business - this webinar is for you!

Numbers are limited, so register today and join us on the 21st of July at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT, 9pm BST) for this special event.


Edit: The webinar has passed and was awesome! Thanks to those who joined us. You can watch the recording here.