Exhibiting at NAB 2016: Is it worth it?

A day in the life of an exhibitor

As we wrap up another year at NAB in Las Vegas, the ‘Comic-Con’ for video nerds, it’s important to consider attending in the whole scheme of things. The costs of attending can be extraordinary - accommodation, travelling, hot-dog related expo snacks - and that’s just for those coming to see what NAB has in store for them. How about the exhibitors, with their booth costs, marketing, and unending piles of t-shirts and branded glass cleaner cloths? Sure, NAB is an ideal climate to show off your goodies to 180,000 videomakers but you’re competing against thousands of other companies who are also strutting their stuff.

Wipster delved into the chaos and wonder that was NAB 2016, and CEO Rollo Wenlock was there to capture it all. Over his five part series, Rollo looks at the trials of travel, booth set up, sales, meetups, and answering that ever-present conundrum for exhibitors - what am I here to achieve and was it all worth it?


In the first vlog, Rollo introduces the concept of the upcoming vlogs, Kristen our COO, Wipsters plan for NAB, a very pretty travel montage, and shining lights of Vegas!



Rollo meets up with friends Filmmakers Drinking BourbonAdobeVimeo and some enthusiastic advocates at the Wipster booth. He shares the atmosphere at NAB, how the Wipster team is spread around the expo, and some of the exciting (read: shiny) products on offer.



A closer look at NAB 2016 buzzwords and ... shoes? Also some insight on the most important things to consider when exhibiting. Special guest appearance from the Atomos booth and their chanting shenanigans.



Rollo gets deeper into the NAB philosophy - what booths are the most successful? Would you visit them to see what they’re about? And an experience with a confusing gimbal.



NAB comes to a close. With the final media interview finished, what does it all mean for an exhibitor like Wipster? Rollo reflects on the week been and sums up whether it was all worth it.


A massive international videomakers expo like NAB undoubtedly has power for exhibitors. It’s an exceptional opportunity to make sales, get your name out there, release new products and coordinate media interviews. But it’s also a place to make a deeper personal connection with other companies, partners, and advocates. NAB gives exhibitors a platform to strengthen relationships and provide new opportunities for growth - even when you’re back in your cosy office and the glitz of Vegas seems a distant memory.

What was your experience of NAB? Was it worth it for you? Let us know in the comments.